• Put your cell phone in your pocket bra and go hands-free at work or office!

    Bras with Pockets

    We all know that women's dress clothing for work seldom has any pockets. We don't want bulging thighs, so now we have pockets that help us fill out our bra. Stow away your cell phone in your pocket bra and go hands-free at work or office.

  • Securely stow away your money and credit cards in your pocket bra and head to the mall without a purse!

    Secure Storage Pockets in Your Bra

    Safe and secure, your money and credit cards can be carried in your bra and you can leave the purse or handbag at home. The water proof lining in the bra pockets keeps your valuables dry and sanitary.

  • Now you can take the kids to the park without worrying about where to put your purse! You can even store the baby binkie in your pocket bra!

    No More Handbags or Sports Bras

    When you need your hands free for those fun excursions to the park, you can store away most small items in your pocket bra. Just keep an eye out for curious babies!

  • Party hands-free with bra pockets. Keep your money, ID and credit cards secure, dry and sanitary. Pockets inside the bra have a waterproof lining!

    Girls Night Out

    Even if all of the details are a bit fuzzy from your night out dancing at the club, you can be comfortable that your money, ID and credit cards will stay safe and secure in your pocket bra. Gives you complete freedom to party hands-free, have fun and let your hair down!

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  • No Returns

    Sockies Pocket Bras are custom-made lingerie items. We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to health and sanitary considerations. See our terms and conditions page.

Bras with Pockets

Secure pockets and designer straps on your favorite brand name bra styles. Select one of our ready-to-wear designs or custom order your own personal pocket bra. Pockets are constructed of soft fabrics with waterproof linings to keep your valuables dry and sanitary.

Custom Orders

Choose your brand and style, then have it personalized with custom pockets and straps. If you don't find what you want, just email Customer Service and we will work with you to design your own unique pocket bra.

Sockies Pocket Bra

Like a work of art, each bra is personalized and unique.

We are a mother daughter sewing team designing unique apparel and lingerie. Our website features custom order name-brand bras with coordinating pockets and straps.

We have always giggled together about hiding things in our bra,  frowned together when they dropped through to our belly buttons, and grimaced together when our dollar bills came out, umm, more than a little damp. So we started sewing pockets into our own bras years ago; we added really soft fabrics against our sensitive skin, then we experimented with waterproof linings. Just for fun we also added some creative touches, like specially decorated straps.

Most women prefer brands that they have tried before and give them a good fit. That is why we offer custom made pocket bras. Choose your favorite brand and bra style, then we will add the pockets and straps in soft fabrics and fun  colors.

Each Sockies Pocket bra is a unique treasure, personalized just for you. Like works of art, no two Sockies Pocket bras are alike.

from the Urban Dictionary:

    Sockie: A sockie is two best friends that have up to 95% of everything in common.